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Most of my career I have always worked in the service industry. I have dealt with people who were super nice and amazing people to meet; and other people that you immediately. felt sorry for their spouse they had to go home too. The people who are. usually jerks and rude usually the ones who probably never worked in the service industry or if they have, it’s their own way of letting out their frustration from their own dissatisfied day job.
I have always been a nice person and hyper aware of other people’s feelings and emotions . No mater if I am ordering a burger at a restaurant or talking to a co worker. My mother always taught me, to always be nice, talk with respect, and treat people as you would like to be treated. Simple golden rule, don’t you think?
More and more, I am seeing that is not the case; because people still think that the only way to get what they want, is by being a rude ass jerk to other people.
In my experience, you will be surprised how many upgrades, free drinks and food I have gotten because I was just a. “nice to person” When I go out to eat, check my bags at the airport, order a beer at the bar,I ask people this one question. When I ask people this question, their whole attitude changes towards me and now they are more engaged with me, making eye contact, and even “genuinely” smile at me. As opposed to obligation
Asking people “How is your day going?” Can change the course of a conversation or interaction more than you will ever imagine. A manager once told me, “Hey, people can’t talk to you that way, we are people too..” Yeah..yeah.. We are fucking people too!!!””
When people go around and start acting like fools, do you think you get respect, hell no!! They tell their co workers, “look at that ugly ass B…..! So, for the whole time you are there, you are being secretly being made fun of by the co workers. So, how do you make people happy and still get the service you want. You be nice and acknowledge that the person who is serving you, also has a family, has bills to pay, has a dream or a goal they are tying to pursue.
Every time I am out and ask people, “How is your day going?” They look at me as if I am really there standing in front of them. That another person has akknoedge then and aware of their presence. One side of me makes me feel happy that I can brighten up their day and the other side makes me feel sad, that we has a society have become so self absorbed
So, the next time you are out, ask the person, “How heir day is going?” Have a genuine conversation with them and see the magic that will
Happen between you and the other person. Heck, if you make a good impression they may even upgrade your food, your airline seat and sometimes a free meals.
Another benefit of asking krill now their day is going, is that people will start to learn your name. It makes the interaction a lot more personable. Every time you come in, you get to know that other person, little by little and you may never know, you just made a brand new friend!!


The low vision guy.

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mm, those are very good points as well and F%$k that you are right, I am sure if he had to do it, it would be a lot more difficult then he thinks. their will always be people like and its sad that they think they are being funny or not offensive.

BBC always has surveys and polls for the happiest people in the world and it never fails. It is always countries in the Latin America, smaller countries in Europe and Asia. I am assuming it is the countries that do produce less.

Over the years, I have gotten nicer and at the same time, I have gotten more vocal with people. so one minute I am super nice, but the next minute someone cuts in line in front of me, I say what on my mind. Sometimes it is not always a good thing, but oh well.

I also like seeing the same people when I go to places. I always wish them well, and hopefully they are doing something that they love. Otherwise, I always encourage people to go after their goals. In reality, I am telling myself the something every day.


DeMarco – I love this!! I think your mom is my mom. LOL! So many things I want to say I hope I remember them all.
I think we are all in the ‘service’ industry in one way or another, even if we don’t deal with the public directly. We could be servicing our co-workers, vendors, clients, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc, etc. I firmly believe that every person in a company is valuable, not only as a person but also as a player in the grand scheme of a company. There’s one example that sticks out clearly in my mind at my place of employment. One of the higher ups made a comment that working in the mail room was a no-brainer job (he even said that to the mail room clerk’s face!). I told the mail room clerk that without her, my job would not work very well because we (people who do a whole host of positions within the company) depend on her to do her part so we can do our part much more efficiently. More efficiently equals more work done, etc, etc. I was so irritated with the audacity of that jerk! I bet if he had to work in the mail room, he probably wouldn’t be able to do it very well. I was also in the restaurant business for quite a few years many moons ago so I've dealt with the public directly too. It's an experience everyone should do.

Here’s what I think is causing all the rude people in today’s society:
- Stress - for the majority of people, the number one cause of stress is lack of time. Think of road rage, people cutting people off in line, parking spots, etc
- A convoluted sense of entitlement and/or self importance, especially with the younger generation. As my dad always says, in this country, we are extremely blessed as compared to third world countries or countries that are always at war. But we are also cursed because we have too much.
- Faster and faster technology equals faster and faster lives. Everything is driven to RIGHT NOW!! If they have to wait, they get impatient and sometimes that goes back to the previous points.
- Drug and Alcohol abuse. I’m not just talking about Johnny and Sally. I’m also talking about their baby in which Sally continued to drink and use drugs heavily through-out the whole pregnancy. The baby has a strike against it before it’s even born and then the cycle just perpetuates itself.

As easy as it is to be rude back to people, I try really hard to kill them with kindness. In the end it makes you feel better anyway.

And my final point (and you’re probably thinking “Thank God!’}, with my innate curiosity about people, I always want to talk to people and see what’s going on with them. I love it when I see the same person at a place I frequent (store, coffee shop, bank, etc). I love to get to know them, their family, etc).. When they ask me “Do you have plans for the weekend?” I’ll answer with something short and sweet but then ask about their plans and then genuinely listen and comment, and ask more questions. I just have to be careful because I know they need to keep working, not chat with me all day. LOL!

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