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Bike Lanes

Does anyone have any advice how to navigate bike lanes in Manhattan? I am totally blind and only use a white cane. Am I the only one who finds them to be annoying? It's the protective barrier that gives me problems.

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Re: Bike Lanes

Hi Nick;
A long time ago when I was at the university of Pittsburgh, we had bus lanes to deal with. fifth ave where buses went in one direction, and the other 4 lanes of traffic went in the other. We had similar rails to negotiate. Honestly, if I crossed where there wasn't a break, I simply hopped the railing, or limboed through the middle of the horizontal rails depending on how heavy my backpack was that day.
sometimes it was just faster than back tracking if there are no other physical concerns to consider.

Re: Bike Lanes

Good question, Nick. I would definitely recommend finding a local Orientation and Mobility Specialist, as I'm sure he or she would provide the best information.

Shannon Carollo

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