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Bit sinc and movies.

If you want 43 gb of audio described movies.
First you'll need to download bit torrent sinc.

Find out more here.
And download the NVDA addon here.
I'm not sure how good this program is with JAWS but it should be okay.
Once you've done that and got familiar with Bit Sinc.
Put this secret into the add folder dialog.

Once you've done that click on the brows button and pick a folder where you want the audio described movies to go to.
Then tab to okay and pres enter.
Once that's done it will tel you after a minute or two. audio described folder sinking.
Then all you have to do is wait for about a day and you'll have it, if you're internet is fast it will take about two hours.
Once all 42 gb of the movies is downloaded, please remove the folder from the program before cutting or copying the audio described folder.
The way to do this is: 1. Go to the movie folder in the list.
2. Tab to the remove folder button and press enter or space.
3. tab or right arrow to yes.

Now you have removed your file from the program you can do what ever you want with the movies.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, which I'm sure you will since I'm not good at writing guides in a hurry, please reply on this thread.

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