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blind people with tattoos?

I have two large tattoos, one on each arm. sighted people always compliment them, then ask "why would a blind person get a tattoo?" anyone else think this is a strange question.
thoughts welcome.

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Re:blind people with tattoos?

I have a Dragonball character on my right upper bicep, but I got it way before I lost my vision...nothing wrong with getting ink even when you can't see it. I plan to get my daughter's name on my back on my shoulder. It It's what the tat means to you, who cares what others think :)

Re:blind people with tattoos?

Hi, last November, I decided I wanted to get a tattoo. The tat I chose has significant meaning to me and it reminds me of all the struggles I have come through. It is a tiger on my back with the word courage spelled out beneath. I am totally blind so cannot see it, but I can feel it as if I know it is always there. I don't think there is anything wrong with blind people getting tattoos.


Re:blind people with tattoos?

Hi! and pleasure to meet you! He did go a bit deeper so i could feel it. additionally, the guy took the time to cut out the drawing, placing it over my arm prior to inking it, so i could see how it would lay out.
he's a cool guy, and a great artist, so they turned out nice. i have a black dragon on my right arm, and a wizzard casting a spell on the edge of a cliff, on the left

Re:blind people with tattoos?

hey there!! i don't think it is wierd to have a tatu if your blind i'm legally blind myself but i havent gotten one i have thought about getting but i think if you do get one i think you should get one that you can feel make the ink deep enough for you to feel is that how it is for you? btw nice to meet you! Paulina

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