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Blind Woman Looking for Female Partner


I am a forty year old blind woman looking for a female partner who is comfortable with my blindness. Even though I am very independent, and rarely require much from a sighted spouse, blindness has always seemed to get in the way of past love relationships. I credit much of that to my degenerative eye condition, which creates the need for constant adjustments as my vision wanes.

I am close to finishing a law degree, and am excited to get out into the world and work as a professional. I have two beautiful daughters that I love with all my heart, and I spend a lot of my free time at home with with them, playing and having fun. I enjoy traveling, dining out, going to concerts and music festivals, watching movies, reading, writing, my dog, and basically everything that involves new and interesting conversations and experiences. At this time, I live in Utah, but would like to eventually move back to Portland OR, my home city.

If you're interested in getting to know me, write me at


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Re: Blind Woman Looking for Female Partner

Hi susan I am knew to the sight I am as well legally partialy blind can't see out of my right eye and 40 percent vision in left eye. I was n a relationship for 14 years but when I went partialy blind she left me. I would had love to had tryed to get to know you in a loving way but you live very far I would not mind talking to you on a friendship level it was good reading your story. If you would likw you can text back

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