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Chat for the blind!

Hi all!
If you are looking for a great place to meet other blind persons, have I got a great place for you. We come in all shapes sizes and color's. We all have one great thing in commen though, we can't see. From high partial, to no sight at all. we come together and talk about all kinds of things from guide dog's, family life, work and much more. It's a fun, safe, relaxing place to spend some time. So, come and see us at Caspers place. 218-862-6979. Room 10. Tell them Ashley sent
ashley From Alabama

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Re:Chat for the blind!

I'm arabian girl 20 years old
I hope to have freinds from london, canada, french
to improve my language and I prefer to be respectable and learner
my address is
I'm waiting you

Re:Chat for the blind!

For those of you that are not aware of it, the system owners for that branch of numbers, as well as, other numbers that they are own, is owned by three individuals; Wayne, Chris, and Melissa. Wayne, is a registered sex offender and for every minute that you spend sitting on those lines, you are putting money into Wayne's pockets!!

Re:Chat for the blind!

Col! I'm on the chat line right now.

Re:Chat for the blind!

hey, I gotta ask, is this like a normal dramatic gossiping partyline? the last one I called had about ten people in one room, and it was so boring I almost fell asleep.

Re:Chat for the blind!

who cares if you're not. how are they gonna know? :)

Re:Chat for the blind!

Cool, I'll call in tonight and check it out. Best part is, I'm 18.

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