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Christian chat for the blind

I wanted to intraduce a new christian chat line for the blind. On this line, we have church, discussions, q and a, movie night, and much much more. You must be 18 years or older and there are a few rlls you must fallow. There is no drama, no bashing, no bad laungedge, and again, you must be 18 years or older. For more info, please contact me at 206-376-7051. Or, call 724-444-3655. Please come and join us for fun and more.

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Re:Christian chat for the blind

thanks for wanting to know more about this line, but, I am sorry to say, that thisline isn't doing well at this time. There is another line where its primaryly blind people with lots of different rooms and lots of different kinds of chat. Please come and join us in room 10. The number is 724-4443592. When you hear the womans voice, please press 1, then, press two fallowed by 1 0. You will then be in caspers room. This is a very nice room to be in because there is no drama. please come to see us my name is Ashley from Alabama and I look frward to hearing from you and any others that would like to come and chat.

Re:Christian chat for the blind

Hello, I am interested in this line. Is there certain nights that this line is open, or how does it work?


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