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To all;

I have (within the last week) received not one but TWO people writing me from this board, (including one woman who thinks that I have some ability to somehow find blind men and wants to know my 'secret'.)

I do NOT have some 'secret' knowledge, NOR am I 'attracted' ONLY to men who God forbid have lost their ability to see.

There is nothing worse in this world that I can imagine than to be deprived of the ability to see. I have occular 'hypertension' myself, and take eye drops. (I also have 2 other visual problems), so the people on AFB who post here will have to excuse me when I SAY that "I can think of no worse thing than that of losing your vision".

To top THAT off, (as a child) I was deprived of my sight and there (in my humble opinion), is NOTHING WORSE than to feel frozen with fear, alone and 100% helpless.

YES, at ONE time, I actually THOUGHT that blind men were somehow more sexier, kinder, gentler, more sensitive people etc...than sighted men were, *because of having to use their other senses", BUT I think that this is a myth now. Something that Hollywood has created. For, after having been HIT, SHOVED, ASSAULTED chased after (in a good sense by a desperate
blind man), I have found that blind men are just men, They ALL have their own personalities, demons, challenges, rage, attitudes against women, and MAYBE even attitudes against SIGHTED women, (as well as some good points--that is, if you are lucky enough to find one.) For myself, I have found that the truly Godly ones were actually the kindest and most sincere and loving/peaceable.
So, if u r a sighted woman seeking a blind man, please do not come to me. That is, unless u want to hear a repeat of THIS!
I happen to care very much for a man currently who is sight deprived. But his being visually impaired has little to do with the reason, for I would care for him whether he could see well, or had no sight whatsoever. He just doesn't want ME.

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Re: Clarification

I do not really understand much of what u have said here, only that I feel that absolutely feel that even though a person has a visual issue, that they are still a person and that God has brought them into this life the same as a sighted person. In other words, blind or VI persons are not LESS than in ANY way just because they cannot see. And the man I care for has his own personal reasons that only HE could share with you. Most of it has to do with geography.

Re: Clarification

How can someone be blind and the not blind?

I've seen people so blind that their eyes are either both centered towards the center or the left eye looking as far as possible towards the left meanwhile the right eye towards the right as far as possible. One would think they are very timid people and sometimes the loneliest in the world. God knows why they may even ask themselves he gave them life. Nowadays, the law will punish you severely for bothering this type of person. Since they live a just life and are under special care especially under the law.

I understand you this much though...
if such a blind person turned down a normal person like us because they chose wrong thinking they were gonna get away. Do they think they law is going to protect them or a normal person who chose right?

The law is going to protect the right person especially since they were smart and know better than to cause trouble.

So again, how could such a blind person all of a sudden see if she hasn't done anything good? She should turn her technique to the society of medical science for them to replicate such state-of-the-art research and perhaps miraculous medical breakthrough. I for one, know in my heart to just follow God and even if I give life to a blind baby know that God sent him to me and has a purpose for him.

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