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Client Assistance Program Anybody?

Hi everyone. It doesn't seem like many people have been posting here lately, but I figure I'll give this one a shot. What is the Client Assistance Program like where you live? How good or bad is it, and is it specifically meant for people on the blindness spectrum or do they deal with all disability types? I don't think this is the right time and place to get into a big long explanation, but I feel I rather need the services of CAP at this time due to some instances that have occurred over a long period of time. I'll also ask around here and see if anybody else has a clue.

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Re: Client Assistance Program Anybody?

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Re: Client Assistance Program Anybody?

Thanks for your replies. I'm in Illinois, and services for people with disabilities are not what they should be. We're getting a bit better I'm told, but we still have a very long way to go.

Re: Client Assistance Program Anybody?

Well out here they try to help the best they can but if you do not have a degree it is hard to find. I went blind 3 years ago I am 33 now. So if I want something that makes a really livable wage I have to go back to school and it sucks because I just want to work again. They try to help you but I get $1,900 a month and minimum wage won't even come close! Maybe I just need to find a hobby and try to no longer work. I hate it but if I work the I lose my social security and I would make a lot less! I want to work so bad but with a family I just cannot afford too! All of the jobs offered thus far make around 1,000 a month or less I would be a fool to take it. Going blind has really killed my self worth. I can no longer drive, make a good wage or anything it seems and I would have thought Albuquerque would have been the place to do it. I guess not! All the jobs they give me as of right now would leave me starving and homeless! I have friends who only recieve 674 a month and they can never do anything or have their own home this is ridiculous!

Re: Client Assistance Program Anybody?

CAP, if we are talking about the same Client Assistance Program, it is a body created to assure that consumers or clients of a state vocational rehabilitation agency is provided with quality services in accordance with policies and rights. State VR agencies have a body like this that is external or neutral for the most part. If your state has a separate VR agency for vision loss, it would mean they most likely have a CAP program associated. General VR will also have a CAP, some may utilize the same. CAP is not who provides the services. Again, unless we are speaking about a different CAP. I am not sure how one CAP could be better than another, but I guess that is possible.

All the best!

Joe S.

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