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Comedian's Helen Keller parody

Not sure if anyone has seen the Helen Keller parody going around the internet from comedian Lahna Turner... But I'd be interested to know what the blind community thinks... Comedy, or insult?

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Re: Comedian's Helen Keller parody

I think you just gave this woman a lot of free publicity Erick. If you dislike her comedy, write to her. If you want to be valuable to blind folks, I hope you find some way of doing good in the world. And, oh yes, in case you wonder, nobody particularly likes being ridiculed. Blind people are used to it. We are often bullied in school, not hired once we leave school and if we go blind later in life we get sent to nursing homes instead of being given the services which would allow us to live in the community as respected elders. Your granny will probably take a dim view of being made fun of as her eyesight fails. Most humans would and blind people, along with Ann Frank (who also seems to be poked fun at in this video) are (or were in her case) all too human. We blind folks develop thick skins and have mostly heard all the Helen Keller jokes by now.

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