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Denver, Colorado guy looking for friends

Hi, I am a 56 year old guy in Denver, blind with a great guide dog. I am hoping to find friends in the area to get together with to go for walks with, go to events, and for social get togethers.
I am not looking for any sexual relationships, only friends and they can be male or female, straight or gay, blind or sighted, disabled or not.
I am friendly, good natured, a good listener and could be a good friend. Please contact me because winter is almost over and spring is on the way and the outdoors is waiting!

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Re: Denver, Colorado guy looking for friends

Hi, so sorry I have not paid attention to the post in a while and am still interested in meeting people in the Denver area, in fact am DESPERATELY seeking people to spend my days with. I really want to have some companionship on my walks with me and my guide dog and would really enjoy discovering new areas and things to do. I feel like I spend so much time alone, and I have so much to offer and share in the way of a sense of humor, intelligence and kindness if only I could have the chance to show you. Please do not hesitate to answer this ad, I promise you will be glad you did!

Re: Denver, Colorado guy looking for friends

I am 52 years old and married. I also need friends to get together with. Please email John at so we can talk on the phone and we can find out if we have similar interests.
Thank you for your post

Re: Denver, Colorado guy looking for friends

Man, I wish I lived in Denver! I LOVE the outdoors.

Re: Denver, Colorado guy looking for friends

Man, I really wish we were local to you. I am blind, 26 years old and my husband is sighted, 29 years old and we love out door activities. I have a Seeing Eye dog and a 4 year old son. We hike, camp, enjoy white water rafting, also amusement parks, concerts and the like. Unfortunately we live clear across the country in New York State. I do wish you luck in your search. If you are interested in a sighted, non romantic, non sexual female friend to have good email or phone conversations with, feel free to email me at my interests for conversation are wide ranging from phylosophy, psychology, politics, current events, disability rights, the educational system, social work and social issues, parenting, green living, guide dogs, animals, dog training and much more. If you'd rather a sighted, male buddy to email with and talk about guy things my husband always loves to meet new people. His interests are varied, but include, computers, technology, video games, history, the military, service dogs (he has one) politics, current events, a wide variety of television shows, movies, music, and a lot more. Just email me and I'll forward it on to him. Have a great day and good luck.

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