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Do you ever feel useless because you do not drive?

Hey Everyone, Low Vision Guy here!!
I wanted to express an experience that I keep running into.

As someone with a vision impairment, their are certain limitations that we have. For example, I can't contribute much to a road trip, If we have to take turns for driving. I can't pick up a girl for date and much less, give someone a ride if they "really" needed it. I am never get pick as the designated driver if I go out with friends.

People forget, driving is not a right, it's a privilege to have. At times, with some friends I feel useless. Maybe its a good thing, because when they do need something from me, they will really need something other than a ride. Although, it is always nice to be needed

What are your thoughts?

DeMarco The Low Vision Guy

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Re: Do you ever feel useless because you do not drive?

Yes I feel very useless BC I can't drive BC I have low vision that I have to relay on other people to take me places or have to wait for my friends to finish before I can go home when I am out with them

Re: Do you ever feel useless because you do not drive?

Hey guys,

Thanks for the reply. Its so awesome that I can talk to people who understand!!! ;)

Yes I cooked. Now granted, it wasn't always liked that. Their was a time that eating out was the only option!! lol

This past Sunday my girlfriend slept over and I make her breakfast like usual. She loves my pancakes. Their are things that I had to learn and most importantly, be as independent as possible. I noticed that I cannot be to reliant on someone with a car. I have a current friend who also has low vision and went through the same struggle as I do, and we noticed that as long as we provide good values and don't apologize for our conditions, our dating lives are not so bad ;)

With that said, their are time though

Re: Do you ever feel useless because you do not drive?


I have to be honest. Due to the fact that I get tired easily AND have an anxiety disorder, yes, I would LOVE a guy to be able to drive us both on road trips, as well as help me out when doing highway driving.
However; I feel the same as Jaywig does. Do you cook? Because I don't. That is one trade off I would be blessed to enjoy.
Also, can you do other household chores like laundry? Washing dishes?
Are you good at back massages? Holding women without it needing to be about sex?
I ask simply because your ' low vision' has little to do with the things I have listed here.
I, for one, as m often in need of a warm embrace.

being useful

If a girlfriend does the driving on a date, do you feel less male?
If you are a good cook, is that useful or is that too girlie a way to be useful?
I thought of this because my brother-in-law does all of the food shopping and cooking in their household. My sister says without him she would end up working long hours and living on cheese sandwishes and salad.
If you are useful volunteering for worthy causes but not useful being a designated driver for your friends, does that count as useful?
If you are useful to others on this list, are you doing useful things?

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