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Email list for blind Christian singles

If you are a Christian who is visually impaired, or blind, even if you are sighted and wouldn't mind dating someone blind or visually impaired you are also welcome. All you need to be is not married, meaning you can be looking for that special one that God has for you or already in a relationship with someone, but just not be married in order to join us.
To join send an email to
WE hope to see you there for fellowship, prayer and devotions and a lot of fun.

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Re:Email list for blind Christian singles

Believe it or not, I met a VI man in a grocery store last year. He said that he was a Christian, and at first he seemed to be genuine. Later, however, he shared with me about a rage problem that he had. He was a very troubled man. Still, at times, I miss him.
It was not the blindness thing, it was the fear thing.

Re:Email list for blind Christian singles sighted filipina, 25.

Re:Email list for blind Christian singles Born Legally blind, find it tough to meet local women.

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