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Eyes and Beauty

Hi Everyone,

I am blind in one eye. I've never met someone else like me because I'm in a rural area. But my blind eye makes me feel self conscious because it wanders and looks ugly. Realistically will sighted people overlook that?

Sighted people: Would you date someone if their eye scared you? (I cringe when I look in the mirror or at photos even though my eye has been blind since birth).

Less Sighted/Blind people: How do you build confidence about your self-image? Also, is anyone else afraid of driving? I can legally drive in my province but I can't judge distances and had some close calls in the past. So I quit driving. But how can I overcome that fear? Or will I be stuck not driving forever? I don't care to drive but I don't live in a urban area with good transportation. (I will hopefully move to a city some day.)

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Re: Eyes and Beauty

As a sighted individual, I can say that inner beauty overrides a physical flaw every time. None of us is perfect in our physical features. Someone with a pleasant personality, a good heart, and character are, in my opinion, always a much better person to be with. If people are not willing to overlook your blind eye, then they are not really worth being with, and it is their missed opportunity of getting to know a real person. Just some thoughts from an older sighted male.

Re: Eyes and Beauty

You are completely right about everything you said! I got bullied in high school because I'm blind.

Re: Eyes and Beauty

I have been totally blind since 6, I remember very wel having vision in one eye up until that point. I learned depth perception, and could do anything someone with two good eyes could do with the exception of seeing sneak attacks to my left side. LOL I've known 4 people in my life who have driven their entire adult lives having one eye without issue, so i'm thinking practice will get you over that.
My ex wife only had vision in one eye due to an accident when she was small, and she drove just fine, still does. In summary, I don't think your limitations are physical. Honestly, I'd give anything to have my vision back in just one eye, can only imagine what I'd be able to do with what I've accomplished in my life without vision.

Re: Eyes and Beauty

Hi. As to whether people are creeped out about your eye or being blind. I'm in Canada and people are weird as far as I care. They still think you are disabled you belong in a locked room or behind doors and not in public. I don't care what they think, I have a heart just like them and I have feelings just like them and can walk and talk just like them so I am no different. Sweetie if they are bothered about your eye they are just not worth it. A good person will love you for your heart and not your looks.

Re: Eyes and Beauty

I am going through the same do I get in contact with you so that we can talk more about it

Re: Eyes and Beauty

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