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Feel like I'm falling short.

I want to start off by saying I'm not blind or of low Vision but my vision is failing me due to diabetic complications. My boyfriend however is blind. I try my best to make everyday life easy for him and let him do what he can on his own. But sometimes I'm worried he gets frustrated because he feels that I don't understand. I'm trying my best and doing everything I can. I don't know what else I can do. I need suggestions or advice because when I try to talk to him about it he just get too overwhelmed.

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Re: Feel like I'm falling short.

Before I say anything, I think you should read a post from a another person on this forum, He has an amazing story that it has to be shared!! Hopefully, once you finish reading his post, you can get in contact with him for more information. Its the most recent and longest post in the thread. I hope that helps

Low Vision Guy

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Re: Feel like I'm falling short.

Hello I too am blind , depending how he lost his sight , there are programs and support group in your area. I went to junior blind of america here in Valifornia. O was assigned a rehab vocational counselor who helped me with the appropriate skills . I personally was going through counseling, he's a lucky man to have a woman like you

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Re: Feel like I'm falling short.

First thing I'd say is that you aren't responsible for anything but being a loving partner, so if you're doing that, you shouldn't feel as though you're falling short.
What is he saying you don't understand specifically?
Does he have a job, or a hobby? Something to occupy his time besides you?
Sometimes having an activity of a person's own to focus on keeps him/her from dwelling on the disability and the challenges that come with it. And if you can get paid for it, all the better; provides purpose.
Is he recently blind, that can also be a factor. If it's recent, then obviously more patience and understanding would be required.

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