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Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

How do u meet? connect? with blind gay men for sincere relationships? Anyone seeking a sincere monoganmous long term affectionate romantic honest relationship? Stephen
u can email me

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Re:Finding Blind am I wrong

maybe I'm insecure myself I live in michigan I lived in dallas texas an I dated a blind man idk y but I think blind men, r hot

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

I'm Glenn, sixty years old, gay and blind from near Montreal, Canada. Saw your notice on the AFB message board and thought I'd say "hello".
Like most gay blind guys, I'm looking for friends, perhaps even a life partner. You know as well as me, that life gets pretty lonely. To tell me more about myself I can send two separate documents to fill you in on the situation more precisely... These have been designed for "prospective" partners, but as you have likely already gathered, I'm looking like you are...
My blindness is due to diabetic retinopathy and of course, glaucoma. I have about 50% in my left eye only. The other eye died as the result of a vitrectomy and a doctor's neglect. My diabetes is well controlled for the most part...
I'd appreciate hearing from you if you are interested.
All the best,
Glenn Coates
p.s. If you are able to see pics, I'll send some... my email is

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

I agree with "Irks".

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

I'm arabian girl 20 years old
I hope to have freinds from london, canada, french
to improve my language and I prefer to be respectable and learner
my address is
I'm waiting you

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

To Chlorine17 and PWDragon - shame on both of you. It's hard enough to find someone who can see, for a heterosexual relationship and here you are bantering someone brave enough to reach out.

Steve - good luck to you

From: non visually imparred and straight

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

Hello I'm Jason 36 yr. old gay white male in Pensacola Florida. I've been single for 17 months, and I'm ready to try it again. I've tried the sighted community, but no understanding and judgement. I am looking for that special one I'm lonely since I had to retire my guide dog after 4mths of service . So if anyone would like to contact me .

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

This is not a gay forum. Take that crap somewhere else.

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

Umm, I did not need to know that. Lmfao!

Re:Finding Blind Guy male for Love Relationship

hey, I am a young visually impaired gay man. I like it hard in bed, you should get back to me.

what the hell is wrong with me today?

this is the umteenth post i've seed advertising for a relationship. no wonder afb took down the "dating and relationships" message board. it was probably full of this bs. first of all, at least give some diecent information about yourself. height, weight, eye collor, hair collor, age, whether you like it up the wazoo, favorite food, where ?ou live, you get the picture. then see if some bored teenager with nothing else to do desides to email you and mess with your head for a few months before admiting that that buff hairy 25 year old stud you've fallen head over heels for is really a 14 year old girl with too much free and unsupervised time on her hands. haha, joke's on you poor bastard.

i really shouldn't post this... oh well.

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