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friends in colorado

Hi my name is Laurie Ann and I am looking to meet some good friends who can relate to me about having nystagmus. I welcome everybody but especially those with nystagmus or who have RP (retinitus pigmentosa). I know a lot of blind people and was previously involved in the NFB but have never met anyone else with nystagmus. My email is I am 23 and live in Indian Hills Co. but go to school in Denver.

I hope to hear from somebody and God bless.

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Re:friends in colorado

You don't know how luck you are to live in Denver, Colorado. I mean seriously you don't want to know what the deep south is like. Public transportation is a big plus compared to the almost nonexistant care here in Alabama. I would like to eventually move to Colorado on of these days with my computer science degree, which I'm attempting to finish at a four year university in the southeast. My fiance has RP and her e-mail address is

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