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Getting ready for school pajama day

Your kid only gets one day a year when it is socially acceptable and
even encouraged to wear pajamas to school. And if you're a teacher or like to volunteer in the classroom, it might be your only day a year
to participate in pajama day too! Make sure you and your kid are ready
to show off your sleepwear skills by preparing ahead of time. Here are
a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for pajama day.

Showing off your style

Just because you are in PJs doesn't mean you have to stick to boring
flannel jammies. Instead, go to school pajama day sporting your
favorite action figure or sports team on footy pajamas. As an adult,
it will give you some credit with all the kids, and as a kid, you'll
be excited to show off exactly what you love. You don't have to be
boring, especially if you go with Jumpin Jammerz footy pajamas. They
have an awesome selection. In fact, you and your kid can match on
school pajama day if you want. Just make sure your kid is okay with it
before going too crazy. Lucky for those in footy pajamas, you don't
need any kind of slippers. Everyone else might want to go find
slippers that match their personality as well! Try Cookie Monster
slippers or Super Man.

The hair

The next thing to consider is the hair. Don't make your hair look
really nice just to wear pajamas to school. Try a messy hairdo. For
boys, you can simply not do your hair for the day and go straight to
school. For girls, you might try putting it into some sort of crazy
hairdo using hairspray or gel. Either way, the hair will complete the

One small bit of warning

Make sure you and your child are appropriately dressed on pajama day. The day is to have some fun, not to show off just how good you look in short shorts and a tank top. As an adult, you need to be more aware of it, as you are an example to the students. Make sure your kid is following some sort of dress code to cover up shoulders, stomachs, and legs. Even if that's really what you wear to bed, there's a certain level of social expectations that you should follow when preparing an outfit in the school system.

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