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Good Eyesight is Overrated

That's one of my "catch phrases", if you will. I tend to make jokes about my blindness. I'm just weird like that.

A teacher was testing me with a study guide by asking me questions from said document. She was sitting right next to me. I told her she was lucky that I couldn't see that far because I SO could've cheated.

My optometrist claims I'm the only patient he has who, upon asking if I can see something, questions its existence ("There's a... ?") It's funny AND answers his question.

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Re:Good Eyesight is Overrated

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Re:Good Eyesight is Overrated

Good 4 u Shan. Wish u lived in Dallas!

Re:Good Eyesight is Overrated

I like your attitude. :) I've personally found that being able to accept myself as I am has been a key to finding peace.

Re:Good Eyesight is Overrated

Oh yes, I know. I found a forum about ONH (the condition I have).

I went to my optometrist a few days ago. My sight will never get better, he says every year. But as strange as this may sound, I'm actually okay with it. To a degree, I even like it.

Re:Good Eyesight is Overrated

Your sense of humor and willingness to share it with others may help you cope with the kind of difficulties all of us encounter as we grow up blind and live successful lives. Certainly being around a person with a good attitude who is blind is better than being around a snarly grumpy person, whether blind or sighted. Since you are writing to this message board, you know you can get to the other valuable resources on this website.

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