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greetings: hello from a returning member/I have returned

hello folks, an older member here, not really been on but still thought I'd say, hello. I've been on and off of here for six years now ever since I was fifteen, I believe and a rowdy teenager, ah, good ole times! good ole memories!! but that's not what I came for to look for old folks, if I find some great, if I don't, no loss to me. well, nor is it just to get lost in old memories.
so, I've kind of come back to meet and hang out here, meet some new folks, maybe make some new friends and have some fun. so great to meet everyone, and I hope to introduce myself a bit here too.
I am Rachel 21, totally blind, from Los angeles county, loves writing, reading, politics, debating, music collecting, food, culture, studying, thinking, current events, exploring the city, learning, studyingand .

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Re: greetings: hello from a returning member/I have returned

Hi Rachel!
It's nice to know you! My name's Trang, and I'm 21. I'm a student, still. Anyway, I'd love to be your friend if you don't mind.

Re: greetings: hello from a returning member/I have returned


     Welcome back to the AFB Family okay? Well, the name is Peter living in Denver, Colorado with not much to do myself for now. I am twenty-eight years
old and am a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science in August 2012 Honors! All the hobbies you are interested in that I
share especially politics to current news just am not the best of writer's though. Write to me on what is on your mind here or at

talk later,

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