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Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

Has any one been to GDB? Do I need to take shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? What about laundry detergent?

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Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

I'll bet by now you're at the training. Tell us how it's going!

Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

Let us know how the training goes!

Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

Thanks for the information! I can hardly wait!

Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

I was there last summer. The room is very nice but there are no personal items in it. There is a bed, kennel, chair, refrig,desk, closet and very big bathroom with nothing but soap in it. Bring your own toiletries. There is a phone and tv. and a door to your patio where you can hang out and kennel your dog in a playpen. The bed has its own sheets. There is a laundry faciltiy and a gym but my daughter used neither.

Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

I had emailed the school but I needed to know the answer a little quicker. They had some items on the list of what they had and what to bring.

Re: Guide Dogs for the Blind trip

Most guide dog training schools will give you a list of what you need to bring. In this case, you probably want to ask the specific school these questions. They know what to tell their incoming students. Of course, if you know you are sensitive to certain things, then you will want to bring shampoo you know works for you. You will certainly need to bring good walking shoes, ones you have broken in rather than brand new shoes. Good luck. Remember please that the school can give you lots of information if you ask them directly.

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