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Dpes anyone feel like people judge you? I feel like people only see me as handicapped BC I have low vision and don't take the time to get to know me as a person

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Re: Hello

My name is Abby. I would like to make some friends. Don't let people who think all you are is handycapped get you down. Blindness, like any other disability, is just one part of a person. I try to make fun at my blindness so it doesn't feel bad. I've been blind all my life so iI've excepted it. Answer back if anyone wants to chat.
Sorry if some of this reply doesn't come out right, my screen reader isn't working right.

Re: Hello

Are there any blind musicians who are
are Christians who live in or near
Dallas, Tx?
I am a single, Christian, white, who
can see but has many visual issues

Re: Hello

Hello, how long have you been with out vision? I myself am totally blind. And i am writing to tell you don't let those individuals that treat you as broken,brake you're spirit and just live in peace and enjoy you're life. that you are not broken! My advice to you is that don't be discouraged from interacting with people that you come in contact with.

Re: Hello

Hi.......I'm new here......would like to make new friends to help keep me upbeat and positive about what I'm facing and how to cope with everything

Looking for Female Friend


I am from FL, looking for a female around the ages of 25-30 to talk and become friends. I am not much of a talker so please be patience.

Talk to you later :-)

Re: Hello

Hello new on here and would just like to say it doesn't matter what colour your skin is or if you do or do not have a disability, you still have a heart and feelings and everyone is the same. Would love to chat to anybody who would like to chat to a crazy goofy Canadian lol. call me up and let us chat, female or male it doesn't matter love you all.

Re: Hello

I'm sorry u have to go through that. Not all sighted
people are like though.
I have a blind guy friend and treat him same as any
One else!

Re: Hello

Hey I'm from California my name is Ish i'm a Hispanic and lost my site at 18 just wanted to stop by and say hello This blindness been quite an adjustment If u like to chat with me hit me up I'm 28 now

Re: Hello

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. That's devastating.

I assure you that many people (myself included) see (or will see, after getting to know you) a visual impairment as simply one characteristic of a person.

Meanwhile, have you gotten involved with any group/ class for persons with visual impairments, possibly at a local Lighthouse for the Blind? There you can at least be with people who understand your frustration.

Don't, however, give up on us sighted folks!

Re: Hello

I only have one friend that doesn't care she has never left my side since I got the news most people see me as a handicap person and don't want anything to do with me

Re: Hello

I'm sorry...that must be tremendously frustrating.

Do you have a few friends who have seen past your visual impairment? I sure hope so. I would think most would after the initial surprise and questions. Tell me if I am wrong.


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