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Hello from Alabama

This is my first post and I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 38 year old male living in Huntsville, Alabama and I am interested in making new friends that may be experiencing some of the same difficulties that come along with being visually impaired. I have RP and have recently gotten a guide dog. My mobility has gotten better, but I am still having difficulty finding work. Thanks!

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Re: Hello from Alabama

Hello my name is Tom from Ct. If you would like to chat email me at This goes for anyone who sees this post. I am 33 years old have rP and use a guide dog. I to am having a hard time finding employment. Have a happy new year everyone, Tom

Re: Hello from Alabama

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Re: Hello from Alabama


I am Adrijana, a blind lady of 35 from Macedonia. I already wrote you to your email address and I hope you will email me back.

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