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Hello from Australia :)

Hi my name is Amanda, I'm 27 from Australia. I've been blind in my left eye since I was a little girl. I did have some vision, I could see shadows and if some one waved their hand in front of me, I could tell you how many fingers you were holding up.

However, a freak accident at high school (someone threw a bottle and the lid landed at my eye) caused my left eye to move outwards due to build up of fluid behind the eye. I eventually had the eye removed and a prosthetic eye was put in place. Now it just looks like I have a lazy eye!

I'm really keen to meet people who have similar experiences to me, or also has no vision or prosthetic eye, as I've never met any and the world can be a lonely place :)

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Re: Hello from Australia :)

Hi Amanda.

I am also in Australia. I lost a great [rp[prtion of my sight when I was ill as a is a strange thing and we are always challenged ...would love to email you....

Re: Hello from Australia :)

Hi! would you like to do friendship with a 31 years old handsome indian guy? If yes, mail me at

Re: Hello from Australia :)

hello email me at rey.mesteco@gmail. 26 male

hello I'm a Hispanic male from California and blind I lost my sight in 07 I would like it if you would hit me me up I'm 26

Re: Hello from Australia :)

I am looking for someone to talk to my stepson. He has 2 prosthetic eyes. He is a little depressed. Things are a little different for him. He had his eyes ripped out while he was in prison. He was young and stupid and made some mistakes. He is now out of prison and without his eyes. He has more than paid his dues. He really has a great heart. He has been through a lot. This happened in 2010 and he had to spend the first four years of his blindness in prison. He got out in Nov 2014 and trying to figure out how to adjust. He is 28 years old. I sure would like to find some people willing to help him adjust to his new world.

Re: Hello from Australia :)

Hello, that is a tough break. I know that must have been really difficult to deal with as a teenager. Difficult at any age I guess. My vision loss has been very gradual I have basically only light perception at this point. I am on Gmail iamwill743 if you want to penpal.

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