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Hi oh my name is Ana and I am a Blind high school student after high school I would like to do the adult program at the Colorado Center for the blind in order to achieve this I need your help please share my campaign with as many people as you can and if possible please donate thanks in advance

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proposal requesting services

You may want to write a proposal to the Commission For The Blind in your state.
You probably are already registered with them. Each state has one.A blind person registers with this agency as a "gateway" to services.
What you want sounds like just such a service.
A well-crafted proposal may convince them to pay for this kind of program.

A proposal is a document business people use to define a project.
There are books about how to write good proposals. They are available through BARD and Bookshare and probably through Learning Ally as well.
Basically, you write a document with the following parts:
1. BACKGROUND: what got me here.
You shared background information in your message which can go here.
2. OBJECTIVE: what do you want to get out of the program? Here be imaginative and explicit, as specific as possible and as broad-ranging as you can be realistically. Expand on how the program will enhance your present and future life.
You may want to get in touch with people who have already gone through the program. You can possibly include their comments about its value to them. But be careful here. Their comments are only included as proof that you have investigated this program. The benefits you seek are your own.
3. FUTURE STEPS TO TAKE: Here you list the program. You also list other things you are doing and plan to do which this program will support.
4. EXPENSES: Here you list what the program costs plus any other cost you may foresee such as equipment to support training. Here you need to be as specific as possible and be sure to cost in what you need in terms of technology costs -- hardware, software and the cost of training. Please allow some money for yourself so you can purchase self-paced tutorials, books, or whatever training best fits your style and needs.
5. FEEDBACK AND EVALUATION: Here you let the commission know that you will keep a record of your experiences while attending the program. This day to day journaling will be valuable to you in many ways. Parts of it can become the basis of the report you submit to the Commission after completing your program.
After all, they paid for it. They want to know how you are benefitting from the program. That way, they may steer others to it. Your dilligence in sending such a report will demonstrate your ability to follow through. It also will set you up well for whatever you ask the Commission about next.
Good luck to you.

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