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Hi everyone

How's everyone?

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Re: Hi everyone

Hey from Virginia. I'm a 19 year old guy and legally blind. I am nearly completely blind in one eye. Can anyone tell me how to post my own tag instead of just using reply??. I'm not trying to be conceited but if I don't say I am attractive I guess no one will know.. Lol. If you can't see though then I guess who cares what I look like anyway. Anyway, I am a college student studying Health Information Systems and I really want a girlfriend. Where are all the blind or low vision girls? Why don't I ever see any blind or low vision girls? The reason I want a low vision or blind girl is because I think they could understand the challenges and frustrations of having limited or zero sight. I am not very good socially. Guess I'm shy and really just getting tired of trying so hard to just get a date or girlfriend. I have tried everything it seems. When I try to talk to girls my tongue seems to grow 10 sizes too big and my brain goes blank. If there's any 18 to 21 year old girls close by me that would like to communicate then please let me know. Music is life btw is my motto. My email is

Re: Hi everyone

hay how are you?

Re: Hi everyone

Hi I am doing well how are yo?

Re: Hi everyone

Hi dear! I am indian. Would you like me as your friend? If yes, give me your skype-id.

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