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Hi, from CA wanting to ooooooodate

Hi since the loss of my sight i find it difficult to meet a woman that will actually Be interested in me. I also feel un uncomfortable starting conversations out of the blue
Or trying to approach a woman. I constantly question how she might see me or how scary looking my eyes must look
Hmu if u got any comment or suggestions

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Re: Hi, from CA wanting to ooooooodate

Thanks for describing your fear; it's certainly not unique to you.

Remember that the woman you talk with (if she's anything like me...and most are!) will feel equally as nervous. Maybe you could focus on trying to put her at ease. This is typically done by asking her questions about her interests.

Also, I most'll get more comfortable with time and experience. So, practice starting conversations and if you fail miserably...congratulate yourself, because you had the guts to try something that isn't easy. That's important.

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