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How do blind people brush their teeth?

I'm working on a project to develop a device which would help blind people brush their teeth. We're looking to better understand any challenges associated with this activity and any suggestions for designing this device. Thanks!

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Re: How do blind people brush their teeth?

You go guys! I am sorry, but there are some things that
are just plain, old, ignorant. Another one I have heard used very
often is the one about color.
Asking a person who has never been able to see before
how do they know what color is, is just flat out hurtful
and unintelligent. Really, sightlings, first THINK before you speak

Re: How do blind people brush their teeth?

with a toothbrush and toothpaste

Re: How do blind people brush their teeth?


To find out, why not close your own eyes while u brush
your teeth. ALL of them!

POI for Blind Square

I posted this on another board where a would-be inventor asked for ideas. You too may find it something you can do. It will benefit people.
Four Square is crowd sourced data. Four Square's data is then used by various other apps. One of those apps is Blind Square. Many blind and low vision users with SmartPhones use Blind Square as a navigational aid.
Please be sure to input POI such as bus stops and make sure bus timetable information and route information appears in Four Square crowd sourced data for your area.
If you input POI into Four Square for your local community and university, you may make traveling around an unfamiliar campus easier for new students, blind and sighted alike.

good invention

Please read the review of Blind Square. It was written by a blind person who is traveling with either a dog or cane and using Mobile GPS technology on either an Apple iPhone or Android SmartPhone. The article may give you a sense of the kinds of products blind people find useful.

other things which are absolutely not problems for blind people

a list of other things blind people do in the same way you do but just not looking while doing them.
dressing and undressing
putting on shoes
tying shoe laces
brushing and combing hair
washing body and face
drying body and face with towel
blowing nose
gargling with mouth wash
putting on hand lotion
shaving (face if male legs and armpits if female)
eating with a knife, fork and spoon
drinking from a glass or cup
I know the list is pretty long. Please assume that blindness is not a barrier to many daily living skills. To get an idea of things which may be barriers to doing daily living things, please reference catalogs from organizations such as LS&S and Independent Living Aids. They will perhaps give you ideas and, more importantly, open your eyes to what we are already capable of doing. Then you may be able to invent something truly useful. You also will be better able to ask questions on this board. By the way, I am typing this message using a standard 101 key keyboard because I know how to touch type. So do most of the blind computer users I know.

Re: How do blind people brush their teeth?

I have been blind for over fifty years. In that time, I have never ever heard anybody who is totally blind or who has low vision say they have trouble brushing their teeth. People who are new to being blind may want to use a color of toothpaste which shows up well on their brush but that hardly constitutes an invention. Please invent something useful instead of making up problems which simply do not exist. Just because you cannot imagine brushing your teeth with your eyes closed does not mean it is a problem. It means you are not used to doing things with your eyes closed. If you had to, you could learn to do lots and lots of things without seeing. Brushing your teeth is one of them. Blind people have real difficulties but brushing our teeth is absolutely not one of them.

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