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how to clean up glass

When I am working in the kitchen.
And if I accidently broke something that is glass.
And it hit the floor.
So if I slide my feet to get my sandles.
Then to clean it up.
Can I put my cane down on the florr flat.
Then move it if you are looking for something.
Or would a broom work better than the cane?
And what would be a way to make sure you got all the broken glass cleaned up?

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Re: how to clean up glass

I agree for the most part with the previous poster here. However, glass can be quite dangerous. I posted elsewhere on these message boards about an incident which took place a few years ago here in my very own apartment. I had taken a bite of some cake that I didn't much care for, so I just left it on my kitchen table figuring I could take care of it later. Well, later finally came and I went to pick up the bowl off my placemat. However, I lost my grip on the bowl and it fell to the floor and shattered into pieces. Figuring that it would probably be better if I didn't try and clean up the mess myself, I immediately picked up the phone and called a next-door neighbor. She came right over, got my broom, and swept up the broken glass. She put it into the trash, along with the mostly-uneaten cake.

Re: how to clean up glass

Cleaning up glass is I think, the most difficult for a blind person. I suggest getting a broom. If you don't have shoes on, move as slowly as you can or get on your hands and knees. This is the most easiest I have learned to get broken glass. Take a hand held broom and dust pan and move slowly around the kitchen or where the glass is. Once you feel you have done what you can, get a vacuum, go over the place again, and finally, get a mop. The wet mop will pick up any left over glass pieces that you might have missed. If it is a small area, just a wet cloth will help. Be very careful. Also if you can, have a sighted person look after you have done everything to make sure it is ok.

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