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Hi all;
So I've always heard about the devices that describe movies at the theater while you watch. I've always been of the opinion, if you follow dialog, voice inflection, other audio queues... you can get a reasonable feel for what's going on. I've always been the person though I'm totally blind to say "Idont need that stuff."
I even responded to a survey request from a grad student on this site regarding the matter.
I broke down this weekend and finally tried one at the Star Trek, Beyond movie to see what it'd be like.
I've been wrong. It was like listening to a book narration during the movie, but in a way it didn't distract from the movie as I had feared it would.
It greatly enhanced my experience, and I was able to tell the sighted people I was with (my gf and son) things a the movie they didn't see or know.
So to those who invented, and continue to invent ways to make visual experiences better for visually impaired peple... thank so very much.
thanks for this experience, and thanks for the humble pie. I will learn from this.

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Re: humbled

Hey Mike,
I have also used video discription. We have video discription at my local movie theater and I've also used it online too! It's really nice to have some one tell you what's happening instead of having to guess the whole time.

Re: humbled

Thank you so much, Mike, for describing your experience!

I'm so glad you appreciated the narration. Maybe we can write about your experience for a blog. Would you be interested?

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