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I am in need of your help for the success of my research.

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I need your help for the success of my research.

To those of my fellow visually impaired, please do participate to answer some questions regarding your employment status and your point of views to this statement: “Only few persons with visual impairment are employed to their degree/finished course.” To do so, kindly notify me by sending email at To those of you who are not visually impaired, but have them as friends or know some of them, kindly ask them of their email addresses or any contact information they have and send to the email address mentioned above. Also, please have time to tell about this to other persons with visual impairment.

Your participation/cooperation to the success of this research will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

I hope to receive emails from you all.

GOD Bless and be a blessing to everyone as well.

Yours truly,

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Re:I am in need of your help for the success of my research.

Please do your research by using online anonymous survey tools like survey monkey as others do on this message board. Asking folks for their email addresses is called "email harvesting". It is often associated with scams and may promote viruses being transmitted.

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