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I need help!

I have to do a project in one of my class about community service. But I don't know what to do. I wondered if there is anything that a blind person can do for community service? Is anyone know about it? Please, help me out! I'm so confused.

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a few examples of volunteer jobs totally blind people can do

Here are some community service opportunities which I know totally blind people can do.
* help out setting tables, cutting up veggies, washing salad greens or washing and dishes in soup kitchen
* answering phone in outreach center such as in a women's or children's shelter
* helping rake leaves or put leaves into trash bags at various locations in community including homes of folks who do not have the mobility to do this.
* stuffing envelopes
* folding up chairs after a meeting or helping to put them out before a meeting
* Use computer skills to do tasks in the community, particularly if you have a printer or scanner. Somebody always wants papers scanned or things printed out and you can sometimes do your volunteer work from home.

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