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I want to tell you a story...


My name’s Dan Jeffries and I'm from the UK. I hope that's OK!

I discovered this forum a couple of days ago after typing 'being born blind in one eye' into Google, and since then it's been amazing to read the various conditions and experiences of everyone on the board.

The reason I am posting is that I am soon to publish a memoir called ‘Me, Myself and Eye’, which tells the story of my rather rare medical conditions.

I was born with Wyburn-Mason syndrome, an exceptionally rare vascular condition that formed around the mid-brain and left me blind in my left eye, and short sighted in my right. It’s so rare that there are less than 100 reported cases in the USA.

During my teens I suffered incredibly bad nosebleeds. In my twenties I underwent a septoplasty to resolve these but with little success. And then - as I turned 30 - I discovered, purely by chance, that I had Acromegaly. This led to surgery a few months later where, after successful removal of the tumour, I contracted Meningitis. And we haven’t even covered eye straightening, maxillofacial surgery and the discovery of a leaking heart valve. It really is quite a tale.

What makes this story so intriguing is that I tell it in an honest and adult way - how, for example, a lack of testosterone greatly affected my sex life and relationships and how, for example, having my blind eye straightened gave me the huge jolt of confidence that I needed.

To make the story a truly unique reading experience, there is an accompanying Web App that includes pictures, videos, music and medical notes, something that’s never really been done before. The medical documents - for example - show results of scans, letters between consultants, MRI videos and more.

On Monday 11th May I am launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise awareness of the book and to generate some funding to help with design, publication and the building of the Web App. I'm also hoping for a lot of media coverage too: press, TV, radio and more. It would be great if this website could be a part of that too.

For further information about the Kickstarter campaign, my Facebook Page is and for those that use Twitter, go to

I'll come back on Monday with a link to the Kickstarter campaign.

Thanks for reading :)


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Re: I want to tell you a story...

Oh - and the AFB gets a mention (though I call you an 'Institution' by mistake - sorry!).

Re: I want to tell you a story...


I've just had an interview on Radio Bristol, talking about Wyburn-Mason syndrome (and lots of other things too).

Have a listen!

Re: I want to tell you a story...

(This post was deleted by the author on 5/13/2015 at 4:03 AM)

Re: I want to tell you a story...

I think the forum needed http:// in front of it.

So here's the Twitter site too:

And here's the Kickstarter page:

Thanks :)


Re: I want to tell you a story...

Hi Jayden

Thanks for letting me know.

Not sure why it's not working, as the FB page is definitely live!

Here's the link again - let's hope it works!


Re: I want to tell you a story...


Twice I have gone to the facebook site and it gives me info. that info not available.
Just wanted u to know. Thanks.

Re: I want to tell you a story...


Kickstarter is now live!

Visit to watch the video and find out more :-)


Re: I want to tell you a story...

It sounds interesting.

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