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Let's get real!.......

I" m not really expecting any responses from this post, as i' m no young chic and yes, like most of us ( well the honest ones anyway) I've been hurt and well......been there, done that, is just an old saying for me. I'm 48, super cute (been told), but and its a big one.........I'm bald! I have Alopecia and have had it all my life. I wear wigs on a daily basis and get by in life in general, but I've often wondered if A blind man might not care less? Dont get me wrong, ive had my fair fair of dates and boyfriends, but most, I was never "open" with.....guess what I 'm trying to say, is this.....if a really nice blind guy, in my age group would , or could be interested in getting to know a super funny, somewhat vain girl ( yes, disability and all) , sweet and full of love to give, then please do not hesitate.....oh by the way.....I live in the south of France, so if you could be in this area, or wealthy enough to get here any time I'd like to see you, lol, that would be a plus! :)

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Re: Let's get real!.......

Whether the individual was blind or not I don't see why if they are a good person it should matter. If you're bald or not. . So on that Note hope you get The response your looking for.

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