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Hey Everyone,

LOW VISION GUY here!! Hope all of you are doing well and enjoying your week.

I wanted to share a life that I have been using and I am sure all of you know this by now, however, just in case if someone needs it.

Have you ever gone to Burger King or McDonalds and do not have any idea what to order...I could never see the menu so what I used to do was look up the menu on their website, but that only went so far because they are not numbered like they are when you walk in.

If you have a smartphone with a camera then you will not have to struggle no more. When I walk into a place where they have the menus on top and behind the employees, I pull out my Iphone.

I use the camera feature and you can either zoom in to see the menu closer or take a picture of the menu and then zoom in to the menu.

This makes it way easier to order stuff and not have to play the guessing game when I order food.

Try it or tell a friend about ;))

Thank and hope to hear from you guys soon!!

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