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Looking for blind girl named "Nancy Goldsworth"

There must be a database of blind people where I can locate this person. I am willing to marry that blind person if they are still virgin because I on purpose stay abstinent so one day I can tell my beautiful daughter that her mother is the only woman in my heart. I am not going to be fooled, being blind is no excuse for mistreating another. I am not afraid of meeting this blind girl because a lot of people have said that I am handsome, and these handsome eyes in my opinion can only see beauty because they are made of only love. These eyes don't have to lie if the person is ugly from the inside, God will ultimately prevail. Anyone have any ideas of how I may contact this blind person? I don't want to communicate with the show she came out on, because I won't be surprised if it is another Oprah type of a deal. Thanks for any help ahead of time. My name is Amado Castaneda and you can go to for pictures of me and more personal information.

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