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Looking for Friends

My name is Jeannie, and I am a 26-year-old from Oklahoma. I am first and foremost a mother to my two beautiful children who God blessed me with. I am also working full-time for the state of Oklahoma, and am working to complete my Masters degree through the University of North Texas. I have found it very difficult to make new friends as life carries on with it's busy self, and I feel so alone at times. I am a very strong person, but strength needs binds to hold it together. I have always managed to fight my way through whatever battle rages on, but I'm looking for friends, possibly a relationship, or both. It's a tough road when you walk it alone.

A bit more about my past. I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma at the age of 9 months and did not beat the cancer. I am totally blind and have been since the age of three. It is my goal in life to be strong and confident so that I may guide my clients from work into better places in their own life. I also keep my head up for my children and believe in God's love and the promise of tomorrow.

Please feel free to message.


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Re:Looking for Friends

Greetings of Christmas in JESUS’ name.

My name is Saellene from Philippines. I am a totally visually impaired. I am 20 years old and currently going to Asia Pacific College for a diplomatic two years course of Associate in Computer Technology. I came from a poor family. I am the only blind and the sixth among 8 children of Mr. Lorito and Mrs. Salvacion Capinig. I have four brothers and three sisters. My father has passed away last year of 2000 when I was 9 years old. My mother is working as a laundry woman. My family cannot afford to support my studies even the needs of my sisters. This is through the help of some friends that I’m able to go to a said school.
I am now a graduating student.

I seek for your help that I could continue this associate course in to a four years degree course of Software and System Engineering. I also am looking to have an online job so I could support my family and my studies as well.

For those who are willing to help, I could be contacted to the following;

Send email at,
Or call at +63932-468-0148
You can also add me in your Skype as saellene2009

I look forward to receive your emails or calls.
Any help would be very much appreciated…

Thank you very much and may GOD bless you more.

Yours truly,

Re:Looking for Friends

Hi Jillian, thank you for the response. Deciding which direction to go in college can be a tough one. The one thing to remember is that it's never too late to change your vocational goal. You may start out with one degree but two years later, realize that you have a greater interest in another field.

My job is a vocational rehabilitation counselor in the visual services unit. What I do is work with individuals to find suitable employment that meets their interests, abilities, and needs. I have clients from ages 16 and up. It may be a case of a high school student entering into college to work toward a future career or a 60-year-old who needs cataract surgery to improve vision so he/she can remain in their current job position. I work with a large variety of people and love my job. Feel free to eMail me at if you would like to chat.

Re:Looking for Friends

Hi, Ashley, thank you for the response. It sounds as if we have many of the same priorities and goals. It's tough being a mother of two at 26, but even more tough when you add work and school into the equation. I encourage you to fight through it and continue with your education if that is your goal. It has been very hard for me to continue into my Masters, but I know the hard work will pay off. If you would like to chat, my eMail is I don't log on to AFB often since I have so much going on, but I check my eMail daily. Hope to hear from you!

Re:Looking for Friends

Hey Jean,
nice to meet your acquaintance. I live in arizona and don't get out much . currently acquiring braille training (a must now that I am total. still learning voiceover for mac. Glad to see you in school. get those skills up! you will need them. If I lived closer at hand, visits wouldn't be hard. However, Arizona is a bit off the beaten track. have fun and enjoy college.

Re:Looking for Friends

hi, my name is Jillian and i am about to start college next week and turn 19 :) I really have no idea what i want to do and i am legally blind. i have a few ideas but i just dont know yet, i know i love helping people and if i could find a job that i can help peole i think i would be very happy. what is it you do?

Re:Looking for Friends

My name is Ashley and I live in north Alabama. I am also 26 years old with two great children. I have two boys that are 5 and 6 but will soon be 6 and 7. I am almost totally blind but still have some sight. Not really enough to talk about though. I would love to chat with you. I am also a graduate and am going on to get my masters in psychology. I work for a pd as of right now, but would love to work for the F.B.I. some day as a ferinsic psychologist. I hope to hear from you soon.

Re:Looking for Friends

Hi, yes, corresponding through eMail would probably be easier. I sent a message to your eMail, and think I managed to get the write address! lol This message board really seems quiet, not many people interact here. Anyway, continuing on with my weekend which is supposed to be relaxing but has been work and homework for the most part.

Re:Looking for Friends

hi. i would say that it was much tougher to go through as a parent than a patient. I cried like a baby. Sounds like you are doing quite well for yourself. That is a crazy client load, but it must feel great to make a difference in so many peope's lives. If it'd be easier to correspond via email, mine is the same as my sign-on here, at aol dot com.
An Okie huh? i bet it is hot there. i hate when it gets above 90. all things being equal, i'd rather be in Alaska!

Re:Looking for Friends

Hi there, this is strange. I tried logging back in with my user name that I signed up with but could not get back on. My eMail address did not match for some reason. Anyway, that is the reason I added a letter to my username, so I could creat a new login.

Thank you for your reply and your story is very interesting. My son also was diagnosed with retinoblastoma. He is 4 and a half now and was diagnosed at 16 days old. Six days after diagnosis, he began his treatments. He has been cancer free for about 4 years now. He received all of his chemo here in Oklahoma City but we traveled to St. Jude's in Memphis for a new laser procedure. He still sees a doctor in Memphis about every 12 weeks for check-ups. My boy is one tough little guy. It was the hardest thing watching him go through that. My daughter has had genetic testing and does not carry the gene for the cancer. My son has perfect vision in the right eye and perifreal in the left. The central vision is blocked by the dead tumor tissue.

To answer your question about my work. I am a vocational rehabilitation counselor through the Oklahoma Department of rehabilitation, visual services unit. I love my work. I have about 150 clients currently in two case loads over about a 5 county area. I guess you could say it is my dream work.

I think it is great that you are so active in your son's life. It sounds as if he is lucky to have you. Delaware? That's way up there on the Atlantic. My mom is from Massachusetts originally. She was raised in Boston and moved to Oklahoma at about 20. My dad is from Oregon, how on Earth they ended up in Oklahoma is a mystery to me! lol

It was good to hear from you, hope to hear from my Delaware friend again.

Re:Looking for Friends

Hi Jeannie; I guess you have a new friend in Delaware!
I had the same cancer as a kid. I turned 40 today actually. My son also had the cancer. While I lost my sight at the age of six, my son has been cancer free since about 2 years of age, and has maintained normal vision. He was proactively diagnosed at 2 days of age, and began treatments at 10 days old. He is a true blessing, and i am most thankful for the care he rcvd at Wills Eye hospital.
Congratulations on your children, and your academic pursuits. What do you do for the state? I work in IT for a major banking institution, and help coach my son's football team in strength and agility as i have a sports&exercise science background, as well as a certification from the NSCA as a strength coach.
My best wishes to you

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