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Looking to date a young blind man.

Hi everyone,
I am 20 yr old white female looking to date a blind male within the age range 18-30. I live in Hawaii. If you are interested, please email me at

Thank you.

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looking for a piano player.

My name is Cedric. I am a student at the Braille Institute.
I sing with the Barbershop Chorus and am looking for a piano player to help me practice some tunes. People like
Nat King Cole and Sam Cooke. My email address is

Re:Looking to date a young blind man.

looks like you have to be a web admin for this site. there's a contac us link on the home page you could probably use to notify them.

i want to delete this subject??

Hey could you tell me how to delete this subject?

Re:Looking to date a young blind man.

good luck on this site. you'd probably be better off looking on a blind dating site as suggested in another post.
thanks again for the Deathstars reference.

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