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Low vision girl looking for love

Hi I am a 26 year old girl look for a low vision\sighted guy in or around Illinois
Holding to find a guy between 26_35 that understands what it's like to have a vision problem. I love being outside more of a country girl then a city girl
If interested u can email me at

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Re: Low vision girl looking for love

Dear Tweery, I just found your post and had to reach out (I'm a bit old for you myself, so my reply is meant in strict friendship). I must say you are very brave, and I am really hoping you have met some good guys through your wonderful effort.

I would like to follow your lead IF you have had any luck through your effort herre ,,, God bless you and Merry Christmas,,, I will look for your reply

Re: Low vision girl looking for love

Hello tweety, How are you? I'm Tom, I'm 48 swm in Racine,Wi. I'm new here. How do I put up my own post? I'm looking for someone as well,hopefully near me. & looking for other friends who are lowvion or blimd near me also. I'm low visiom myself. If I can leave my number & email for anyone thats interested. 262-210-5415 Thank you, Tom :)

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