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movies dis'n blind people

why don't movies depict blind people with blind actors? and when they do, why don't they consult real blind people. is there anyone out there who really counts steps? who needs other people to speak more slowly, and at increased volumes because your eyes don't work?

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Re:movies dis'n blind people

Hollywood does misrepresent blind people, of course they misrepresent most people in one way or another. They always make being handicapped in some way look so easy.
Everyone should have equal opportunity in Hollywood or anywhere else. I hope you don't mind my commenting, since I don't know you. Smile's.

Re:movies dis'n blind people

I only count steps for two reasons.

1. I'm approaching the top of an unfamiliar set of stairs and I'm told how many steps there are. Sometimes they're counted aloud for me by someone else (I count in my head).

I'm not really a fan of falling down stairs.

2. I randomly decide to see how many steps it takes to go from one place to another. I do this for fun.

Re:movies dis'n blind people

I used to work in Hollywood before I lost my vision and I have a short answer for you...time is money. Because of deadlines, the productions studios do not wish to take the time to consult and also lack the patience to guide a blind person to markers etc, sucks but it's true.

Re:movies dis'n blind people


I think part of the problem here is recognition of popular actors dominating the ultra politically correct Hollywood. They think you must be Jim Carry or somebody to be sidered anyting worth of value. Ray though from all accounts is actually 100% described for the blind. Nobody that I know counts steps except for beginning adult or childhood blind phases in blindness. This is when your orientation to mobility with assistive aids (e.g. guide dogs or walking tip canes) are necessarily. Otherwise though you know like I know we use shoring techniques with a rolling or tipped point tap tecnique or use a identification cane. Then, you could use a guide dog with extra duties like maintenance and human treatment of the dog as well.
I think how we are depicted is ultimately a political ploy to enspire people that you're life isn't so bad. Look at Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder or whoever and they became successful and so can you. Much media information is blatenly wrong and should be deposed on its face other than Ray, which was from all accounts accurate to the T. The other movies like Scent of a Woman should have a documentry from AFB or ACB or NFB picking the truths and falsehoods of popular media productions and what the current information on new and existing methods of adjusting to the sighted world being blind. These along with advocacy of described television alternatives with stricter regulation on alternative formats with business, nonprofit (501 c) and government (public) sectors of the economy will go a long way to ensuring that misconceptions are destroyed once and for all. I might try to write to Net Flicks about my subscription about such an idea. Anyways, it's just something to think about in the future.

God bless,

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