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My blog

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Re: My blog

Hi Harmony,
Nice blog.

Re: My blog

I'll go check it out, because blogs can be fun, but I just feel the need to clasp my hands over my tempels, throw my head back and lament "Why, why do so many blind people put the word blind or blindness in the titles of their blogs, as their user names, etc when they complane that their blindness is the first and often the only thing that sighted people ever see about them, not who they truly are?" I just don't get it. If you want anyone other than other blind people reading your blog, then picking a title that has something to do with who you really are would interest a lot more people. Yes, I am blind, but I am also a mother, a wife, a woman, a college student, a social work student, a musician, a dog training enthousiast, a foodie, and so much more. I would no sooner put the word blind in my user name or blog name than I would walk down the street with huge stereotypical sunglasses and ask strangers if I could touch their faces. *looks nausiated* I should clarify that for those who genuinely have a serious sensativity to light and need prescription sunglasses, that is fine, but people who don't need them and wear them because that's what they think they're supposed to do, that's sick. Anyway, I won't judge your blog by its title. I'll go give it a look. Have a nice day. Sorry for the mini rant, but I find that if I don't twist the cap off of the figurative soda bottle just a smigin when the pressure starts to build up, I run the risk of it exploding and making a huge fizzy, ranting mess all over everything *laughs*

Re: My blog

Awww thank you!

Re: My blog

Happy Valentine's!!

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