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My interview

I was interviewed for a blindness radio show online yesterday, so if you click on
and click on the LVB radio podcast
and then on
listen to LVB podcast
you can download the program dated April 14 2013. There are many more interviews there as well if you would like to hear them.

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Re: My interview

Sorry that you had trouble with the link, not sure why it happened, but maybe you can send an email at:
and let the host you are having trouble with opening it. If you still have trouble this, please let me know.

And you are right, I should have explained a bit more about the interview and what it is about. Generally, I am not a person who likes to be exposed much to the media, but this was mainly the idea of the person who interviewed me and some other people to come on the show and talk a bit more about my life as a blind person. Growing up in Macedonia, my past encounters and accomplishments regarding education, finding a job, etc, as well as present the struggles and difficulties blind people face most of the time. And of course, everyone would have their own opinion after they listen to it, but thought to put this all here as it is, in case someone misunderstands things.

Re: My interview

Echoing the poster above. Also, what was your interview about? Knowing the subject material will help us decide if its something we'd be interested in checking out. Just a life skill/job skill/accademic skill note. But, don't assume that the general population gives a darn about something you've done, just because you have done it, or because they belong to the same group as you. I.E. they are the same gender, race, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or disability status as you. You need to give details either about yourself or the accomplishment you are notifying them of if you want them to bother to check it out: read your blog post, view your pictures, listen to your interview, etc. Unless they are your family or close friend, they aren't going to care what you've done, unless you explain and promote it for them. Just some friendly advice.

Re: My interview

Clicking on that link gives a 404 not found error. Do you perhaps have another link?

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