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my IPA powerlifting videos

here's a couple vids from my IPA powerlifting competition
I ended up totaling 1350 in the Raw division (no gear) with 465 squat, 355 benchpress, and 530 deadlift and won age 40 - 44 men's Raw pro.
if anyone's interested in powerlifting, let me know. whether you can see or not; doesn't matter.

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free weights

For people wanting to take up free weights, that too works well for a blind person. Having a good trainer to observe and correct your form keeps down injuries and means muscles get used in the correct manner and posture is in balance. It is a wonderful thing for women to do and builds up stamina. My free weights training inspires me.

Re: my IPA powerlifting videos

no sorry, I'm in DE.


Re: my IPA powerlifting videos

Hey im Rey r u located in CA

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