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My observations about facebook

Years ago, I was not really interested in any one of the many social networking sites.

Then, a friend keep pushing me to get a facebook page; which, I finally did and really don't have any regrets. I also opened up a myspace page; but, I couldn't hang with myspace. I've found many people on FB who I have not seen in years and it is a convenient way of keeping up with people.

Now, that brings us to something that I don't understand. I've gotten many friend request from people and I usually accept these request unless they look like some sort of scam, etc. I've also sent many friend request to people who I thought would be interesting to get to know.

What I don't understand is people who are real quick to either send a friend request or accept a friend request that was sent; but, that's as far as it goes. If you send them a message, you get no reply. If you comment on their page, you get no reply. If you try to chat with them, you get no reply.

I think the reason people do this is because they are only interested in getting their numbers up because they think a high "friend" count makes them look important. Besides that, they have no interest in communicating.

When I send someone a friend request, it's because I either know them or want to get to know them. I don't give a rat's behind about having 3,965 friends just for the sake of letting that high number be known.

Any other thoughts on this subject? Does my reasoning make sense? Of course, the nice thing about FB is that it's real easy to "clean house" when the need arises.

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Re: My observations about facebook

I really don't like Facebook.

To me, so many people are in their own clicks. Maybe it is just me, but that is how I feel about being on Facebook

I also hate CAPTCHA!

Re: My observations about facebook

I seriously have given up on facebook, and I'm probably making some of my long-distance friends mad. Lately it's just more trouble than it's worth. I don't want facebook mobile because you can't chat and I'm not real good with messages because my computer does not make any sounds or anything when I get one so I may not reply for a week because I don't know I got one, and I hate my facebook on my EMail. I like my email to be just that, Email. any clients I can use?

Re: My observations about facebook

Personally, I always check someone's account before I add anyone to my Facebook friends list. As the only blind guy in my town, it isn't unusual for people to recognize me from, say, my first grade class, and I have no idea who they are. It helps to cut down on possible friend hoarders though, not to mention it means your News Feed isn't cluttered with status upon status you don't care about. I do, however, always keep the names I don't add in my friend requests menue. You never know, they always could turn out to be my best friend's cousin who I played with in preschool or something.

Re: My observations about facebook

Hi again. I'm posting another reply here to let people know about a service which I heard about last week. The service is currently in beta, but I signed up to be a tester and thus far I'm finding it to be quite good in terms of accessibility. It is called The Friend Mail, and you can check it out at . It is basically Facebook via email, and currently most but not all FB functions seem to be available. I'm still rather new to the service, but like I mentioned it seems to be quite good.

Re: My observations about facebook

I too, got a Facebook account a few years ago. A friend emailed me and wanted me to join, but I didn't at the time due in large part to the accessibility concerns. However, a tutor who works with me was kind enough to help me sign up. I only have light perception and needed help with the CAPTCHA. I don't like the audio ones mainly because they discriminate against people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. But anyway, I've been a Facebook user ever since. I only accept friend requests from people I know well, and I haven't sent many friend requests. None of the games seem to work at all with screen readers, so I haven't played them. I find a zillion times easier to work with than the main site.

Re: My observations about facebook

Well, there are also those social games. You have to have hundreds of friends to play them, and you add them (usually other players) along the way. I used to play them and had 500+ "friends" I stopped a long time ago and have whittled my friends list down to only the people I know.

Re: My observations about facebook

I agree It seems as If Facebook is split Into 2 categories, those who do want to get to know you and those who just want pseudo friendship. I have had this problem as well and you are right it just takes 1 little button and they're gone. Let me ask you this What is your take on Time line? I'm finding it a little less easy to access. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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