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New group for bline educators

Blind_educators is a group for blind people working in the field of education to share experiences, ideas and opinions on different subjects. If you wish to join, please send a message with the subject line subscribe

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Re: New group for bline educators

Thank you so much for posting here. Glad to see you back online. I remember our friendly conversations we used to have way back on the zonebbs and I hope you are all doing well. I like to think all is going well with your second university degree you chose and I imagine your son is growing up fast, enjoying life with his mother and grandmother. I also hope your mother is doing well, after all the shoulder and back pain she endured. There are all kinds of therapies nowadays, so maybe she could find one that worked for her.

Regarding my group title, I created it after I talked things through with a couple of group owners and other people. I wanted it to be a group that people could easily find and join, so we thought using the word (blind) would help here a lot. Besides, we are all blind anyway, so I guess no harm in it.

Regarding sighted people, they can of course join if they wish. Nowadays with the inclusion process, I bet there is a lot they go through that they may want to share with blind educators and it is always good to communicate with different people and hear different experiences and opinions. After all, all of us live with sighted people anyway. I also had to place the group into the special education cathegory to make it easier for the right people to find it, hoping that spammers wouldn't discover it, so you got all my reasons there. I of course would wellcome more opinions and questions on this here and if people don't like the name of the group and give out some suggestions, we can always change it and even appoint a moderator or 2 if anyone would want to help out with it.

Regarding the spelling of my first post, I didn't notice any errors there, but if you think there are any, feel free to give us the word.

I hope there would be no further misunderstanding about this and I would wellcome some more feedback on this as well.

Re: New group for bline educators

Testing if this reply appears.

Re: New group for bline educators

Oh lord. I freaken give up. Its no wonder sighted people are uncomfortable with us being parents of our own kids, let alone being child care workers, teachers or professors of their children. Come on. If you are going to post on a totally public internet forum a group for blind educators, where any sighted person could stumble upon this in a google search, at least spell the title of the board post correctly. God, I mean if you're posting some random status update on face book that's one thing, but when you are doing something professional, then write and check your work professionally. I switched from the education track to the social work track in my college career, but honestly, its crap like this, little crap like this that cumulatively causes sighted school administraters to discount, overlook or outright avoid hiring a blind person as an educator in their school or their program. Yikes!

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