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New here, questions on "dating"

Hey everyone, I literally found this site a few seconds ago, sighted up and found a few posts related to this one, maybe I can make this one a little more me. Well I basically have two questions, 1 are there any gatherings/club/socials events for visual impaired people to just get together and hang out in the LA Ventura county area? The reason I'm asking it so specifically is because ones I've been to are a little to focused on tech or education, I kind of just want to meet people like me, get to know others. My second question is,, is there anyone around my area (Simi valley/LA) that would want to date a visually impaired guy? I mean I've tried POFf and a few other dating sites but lets face it a lot of girls get turned off noticing or reading when a guy has visual issues. Just looking for single girls around me is all, coffee or a movie or even just a walk would be awesome! I would be glad to to date a girl with visual impairment because she understand what it's like more than anyone, to me it would be far less cumbersome just to not have that idea that they don't know what I feel. Of corse I wouldn't mind dating a girl with out any impairment either, it's nice to show someone another way of living haha. Sorry for the essay but hey I figured why not to meet people with the options I have! :). Hope to hear from also me of you soon.

My DJ page :D

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Re: New here, questions on "dating"

also to elaborate on my self for reference, Im Keean, 20 years old, about to transfer to university, i'm a triathlete and DJ, and do quite a bit of photography on the side (lol). and correcting POF* in my previous post as well. you can email me at or Facebook me on my dj page which is above.

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