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New Member Introduction

Hey, just wanted to say Hi to folks. I have Usher Syndrome Type II. For those that don't know, US is RP with hearing loss. What I understand is that Type II is the least severe form, although over that last 4 years, my vision has gotten significantly worst.

My primary goal here is to find a place where people understand what I'm going through. It is amazing how people take sight for granted and cannot understand the concept of low vision (admittedly, I use to be one of them). I, also, would like to share experiences with those who have discovered tools of techniques to help with life.

If there is anyone who lives in St. Louis and would like to correspond, let me know.

Until next time

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Re: New Member Introduction

(This post was deleted by the author on 7/31/2016 at 10:37 PM)

Re: New Member Introduction

Yeah, WA is pretty far away. Closest I've been is the show Cedar Cove :).

Sure give me your email address. Looking forward to hearing your story.

Re: New Member Introduction

Hi Craig -
Nice to meet you. I live in WA state. Would you be ok with me giving you my email address?

Re: New Member Introduction

Hey Tammie,

Thanks for responding! It's pretty unexpected to find someone else with US. I've met some others with RP as well as other vision conditions at my local non-profit organization, but no one with US. Most people don't even know what US is. I'd love to chat and compare notes. I am not familiar withthe site yet so don't know the protocols for communicating with other members.

Where are you located? What's the best way to communicate with you?

I'm Craig by the way.

Re: New Member Introduction

Oh My. I can hardly believe this. Although I haven't been officially diagnosed with Ushers, I too am hearing impaired and have RP. I have so many questions for you. I don't live anywhere near you but I would be interested in chatting with you to compare notes, so to speak. I know RP is not very common but to see someone else with US on here is kind of blowing me away. Please let me know if you'd still like to chat even though I'm not anywhere close to you.
Thanks. Tammie

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