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new to site and feeling like i am the only one in my area

I lost my left eye sight in an accident when I was just 13 years old and ever sense then I have always felt singled out or sometimes even left out. I now know that not to be true but in my line of work it just sometimes feel like I can never go anywhere or even escape the job to go do something I truly love. But needless to say I have always tried to keep a positive attitude on things but the older I get ( I am just 24 now) the harder it seems to better myself and my family. I know nothing is wrong with me but I guess it just feels good to get out my issues with people of like minds who are going through the same issues.

thanks for listening

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Re: new to site and feeling like i am the only one in my area

Man I feel you bro. My retina was not fully developed and always had low vision ever since from birth. Social life sucked in my teens and early 20's so I fee you bro.

How's the social life? How are the ladies bro?
What type of challenges are you going through man ?


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