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no one online anymore!

There's no one online anymore! I remember a few years ago there were lots of people on here. Where did everyone disappear too? I loved chatting on here! I posted a few days ago and only one person replied.

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will post soon`

For the next couple of months, I am volunteering at the community Center, chopping vegetables for their once-a-week soup and salad outreach. Also, I have been outdoors a lot -- raking leaves into big piles which go into my compost bin. Preparing the veggie and flower gardens for winter. Going for long walks with my Seeing Eye dog.

Re: no one online anymore!

I did ignore it. I was going to mention that I had ignored it in my other post, but I thought I'd check here first before replying to your other posts.
What's up?

Re: no one online anymore!

guess you can ignore my other post regarding watercooler. LOL

Re: no one online anymore!

I've been trying to reply lately but for some reason my replies never get posted, other people might be having the same problem

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