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Open Discussion

My name is Bradley and I represent a group of students designing tools for the visually impaired. Our group is struggling to collect any reasonable data as we have limited contact with anyone with visual impairments.
At this point in the product development process we are only collecting ideas. From our research, to take a new product successfully to market the process needs to begin with data directly from the user. Again, our dilemma is broad, we have no idea what we are looking for or what we want to find. We are indecisive about how to gather data. We’ve created a survey, here is the link, which may be biased so we do not want to depend on it completely.
Our team would enjoy starting an open discussion about your dream products or anything else that may be able to help us. We are in partnership with the Lighthouse for the Blind as well as our university and our data will be reviewed and maybe even used by them.
We will monitor this routinely to keep up with discussions.
Thank you,

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Re: Open Discussion

I will pas this along to my teenage daughter who attends public high school. She loves her Iphone and may have some good advice.

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